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The new future of CSP: Towards sustainable development

Emerging markets such as China, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Australia are leading the future development of global CSP market. Seeking balance between development and Sustainability has become a common theme in the global CSP industry.
Under the influence of policy, technology and capital, the emerging markets of CSP are undergoing profound changes. Individual policy failure can stifle a market; the conservatism of technology will curb the growth of confidence in the entire industry; the indecision of capital will wipe out the new force of the industry.
In 2018, compared with other global CSP markets, the Chinese market, which is moving toward the historical node, is particularly impressive. The relevant policies for the extension of the first batch of demonstration projects will have a profound impact on the development of the market; the launch signal of the follow-up demonstration projects thus released will further affect the sustainable development of the industry; China's CSP industry chain will mature under the existing market cultivation to further infiltrate and influence the global market.
We can predict that if there is no sustainability, there will be no future for CSP. If there is no sustainability, the existing power of CSP will also gradually weaken. Therefore, we must pursue the sustainable development of CSP. No matter at the level of policy, technology, capital, etc., we must firmly march toward sustai -nable development! Only in this way can we open a new future of CSP!
Introduction of CPC2018
CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE is the largest and highest level international annual event in China's CSP industry. it was first held by CSPPLAZA in 2014 and has been successfully hosted yearly ever since.
Attendee numbers of CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017 reached the record high of 1028,the first millennium Conference on the history of China CSP industry
CSPPLAZA will adhere to the principles of professionalism, innovation and pragmatism and is committed to helping solve the practical problems faced by the industry. Now it has become the most popular offline brand of the CSP industry.
The capacity of CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 will set a new record, hitting the scale of thousands of people again.
Highlight of the conference
Conference scale:More Than 1000 Attendees
Attendee numbers of CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017 reached the record high of 1028,the first millennium Conference on the history of China CSP industry The capacity of CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 will set a new record, hitting the scale of thousands of people again
Participants of the conference:Global-oriented Invitation
CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 will be based on global CSP market, inviting CSP professionals at home and abroad. The number of foreign attendees is estimated to reach about 200.
Conference content:Hot Topics Covered
The content of CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 involves two aspects: technology and market. In main forum and several sub-forums, various issues and topics about global CSP industry and market will be discussed deeply and comprehensively from different angles.
Report setting:Never set up a report sponsorship
Conference Quality is highly valued by CSPPLAZA. We have never held sponsored reports and refuses such requests all the time. CSPPLAZA will evaluate all the reports according to its content, speaker’s qualifications and fitness for the subject. The goal of making reports is to genuinely benefit audiences. speakers pay no extra money except for admission fee.
Exhibition setting:More Exhibitors & Larger Scale
On the basis of 67 exhibitors in CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017, CSPPLAZA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2018 will expand the scale, ensuring the exhibitor numbers reaches 80. It will be a great platform to show advanced products and technologies in CSP industry and enhance the cooperation between supply and demand parties.
Annual Award: CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2018
CSPPLAZA Award has been created to establish industry benchmark and honor excellent companies and individuals. CSPPLAZA AWARDS 2018 will be presented again!
Speaker of Previous conference
Junfeng Li
former director of  National Center for Climate Change  Strategy and International  Cooperation(NCSC) 
Dinghuan Shi
former president of  Chinese Renewable Energy Society 
Rui Sun,
Vice-president of electric  power planning & engineering institute 
Deputy director of China  Renewable Energy Engineering  Institute 
Jin Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology  Co., Ltd;
Santiago Palacios
Spain ASC Cobra
Javier Perez
Spain Abengoa
Review of Previous conference
Participant's Comments
the speech is wonderful with a lot of information, very pratical!
Liu Shao Bo
CITIC Zhangbei
The number of manufacturers and enterprises in the exhibition is the largest as well as fullest of kinds, and the reports are rich in content and information. Qi Yuming, Huaqiang Zhaoyang: I am very satisfied with this conference and all the arrangements.
Hu Yu
Guohua power
very good, more than 1000 top experts and colleagues in the CSP industry at one time, give us a lot of learning opportunities.
Chen Hong
the organization design is very attentively, basically covers all aspects. Three days of time is very tense, i felt very tired after the meeting, the mind has absorbed too much content, Very rewarding.
Zheng Shi
XinChen CSP
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